Sofa Fabrics

In simple words, upholstery is the work of attaching fabric, paddings, webbing, and springs to furniture frames. The choice of your upholstery creates an everlasting impression of your home and beautifully compliments the rest of your furnishings.

Now, instead of overturning your whole sofa and buying a new one with complex measurements, a more affordable and efficient method is reupholstery. Reupholster has the prime purpose of offering better quality fabric for your sofa without having to buy new and expensive furnishings.

Not just is this affordable but also eco-friendly. Reupholstery ensures no old furniture goes to waste while adding tremendous value, new fabrics, and designs to your favorite comfy couch! With Linkers, while you are refurbishing your sofa, you are also getting to choose amongst various designs and fabrics to find the perfect match for your house.