What Are Rods and Tracks?

Once you have found suitable curtains for your home, it is imperative to identify the perfect match of rods or tracks for it. These mounted bars that rest on the top of your windows or walls are the requisite foundation for curtains to stand straight and balanced. With Linkers, you can easily find your perfect match for your curtains from a wide range of customizable rods and tracks. Not just are they easy to install, but they also complete your final look of grandeur for your curtains.

Types of Rods

Brass antique rods: Provide an elegant and royal look. The antique brass rods are 22mm in diameter and are made exquisitely to give your rods an antique setting.

Copper antique rods: Copper-painted, these 22mm rods are reliable with durable finish standards giving an antique and decorative look to your curtains.

Solid wood rods: These unique, custom-made 28mm rods purely made of wood give a solid and sturdy look, beautifully complementing any setting or theme of your house.

 Types of tracks

Solid wood tracks: These versatile tracks made of pure wood gives your wall a unique blend and a decorative element. Smoked Grey, teak, chestnut, burned oak, and satin linen are some of the various options in solid wood tracks Linkers provide to you

Style Line tracks: The style line tracks give an excellent look to your setting. These easily adaptable and stylish tracks made of stainless steel are best suited due to their long-lasting features.

Cylindrical rod tracks: The simple cylindrical rod tracks offer curtain draping systems. With the looks of a simple rod, these tracks give an aesthetic feeling while having multiple functions of adaptability and sustainability.

Heavy-duty covered tracks: The heavy-duty covered tracks are suitable for any mounting and perfectly match various curtains. These tracks come with multiple functions like easily accessible point to draw curtains, all while completing the luxurious look of your curtain hangings

Squared tracks: Giving an elegant and grandeur look, the squared tracks are an everyday favourite for contemporary and modern homes. Matching any design scheme and area, the squared tracks are renowned for their multifaceted services

Accessories in Rods & Tracks

Finials: These decorative pieces are placed on the edge of both sides of the rod to give an ornamental and luxe look. Finals come in various fashionable designs like florals, crystals, Estella, orbe, and Aura

Double brackets: The double brackets are essentially used to give an additional layer of sheer or main curtains to accentuate the look and to moderate light and privacy Single brackets

Wall brackets: Wall brackets act as a mounting layer for rods. They are working as a foundation for the rods or tracks to stand on. Wall brackets are known for its functionality but are also aesthetically pleasing.

L-shaped brackets: L-shaped brackets are desirable and easy to use brackets mounted on the wall corners for easy access and movement of the curtains.

Rings: Curtain rings are small rings placed on the rods connecting the curtains to the rod. This accessory not just acts as an ornamental piece but also to easily move the curtains.